NTT Docomo's new smartphone features wireless charger

NTT Docomo's new smartphone features wireless charger

( -- Charging your cell phone can be a hassle, mostly because you have to find your cord, and if you are anything like most people, you don't have just one charging cord lying around your house. Wireless charging is an option for some devices but currently if you want to charge without the cord you are going to have to put out a second investment in your phone.

Buying a wireless and a special battery pack, such as the ones put out by Energizer can easily set you back more than an extra $100. When you consider that a can run you up to $500 by itself you can see how that pair is a significant investment in your tech. One that may be too hefty for some.

NTT Docomo Inc is looking to change that. They have created a Smartphone that can be wirelessly charged, without buying extra hardware. The phone, which is expected to go on sale in July or August of 2011 in Japan, has been dubbed the Aquos Phone f SH-13C. The Aquos Phone f SH-13C is designed to be compliant with the Qi standard, which was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, an industry organization for wireless charging systems.

NTT Docomo's new smartphone features wireless charger
Image: Akihabara

The phone will be manufactured by , and will be waterproof. The phones battery will be made by Co Ltd. and it will come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack containing a coil and an integrated circuit chip for wireless charging. This means that you could, in theory, charge the battery pack without the phone.

Two models of the charger; Wireless Charger 01 and the Pocket Charger 02 are expected to be released. Each will cost about ¥4,000, or roughly US$49.46.

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May 19, 2011
Great, they put a really neat feature in a phone I'll never buy. I'm not going to give up all the other features of the phone I have for one that gives them all up for one single feature.

License the technology to other phone manufacturers and you'll make a bigger impact financially.

May 19, 2011
We still need to connect the pad to the mains, and place the phone on, so have gained.... what? Absolutely nothing? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Jun 19, 2011
Cool! This means I can use these phones with the charger from GETPOWERPAD right, as mentioned on ?

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