Astronauts get set to land Endeavour one last time

May 31, 2011 By MARCIA DUNN , AP Aerospace Writer
An image made from NASA Television shows the Endeavoour as it does it's fly around of the International Space Station Monday May 30, 2011, before returning home on NASA's penultimate shuttle mission. The shuttle is viewed from the Space Station as they pass over Australia. (AP Photo/HASA)

(AP) -- Endeavour's six astronauts have checked the systems they need to bring NASA's next-to-last space shuttle flight to an end.

Commander Mark Kelly and his crew spent Monday night and Tuesday morning getting their spacecraft ready to come home. All the critical landing equipment tested fine.

Endeavour is due to land at 2:35 a.m. Wednesday at in Florida. NASA will keep a close eye on the crosswind.

The shuttle left the over the weekend. The astronauts put the finishing touches on the orbiting lab, installing a , an extension beam and a platform full of spare parts.

This is Endeavour's final voyage. After landing, it will head to a museum in California.

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