dAlH2Orean: An RC car that runs on aluminum soda can tabs (w/ video)

An RC car that runs on aluminum soda can tabs (w/ video)

(PhysOrg.com) -- Aleix Lovet and Xavier Saluena, two researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Catalonia, have made the world first RC car that runs entirely on soda cans. Well, to be more accurate, it runs on a combination of recycled aluminum soda can tabs and sodium hydroxide. This creates a vehicle that is completely carbon emission free and creates no planet harming waste.

The car, which have been dubbed the DAlH2Orean remote-controlled car, is a worlds first. The car uses the hydrogen power generated by a chemical reaction, when the aluminum tabs are brought together with a mixed solution of sodium hydroxide and water. After being run through a few filters, such as a silica gel to remove the moisture, and a vinegar filter to remove any lingering hydroxides, the fuel is complete. This generates hydrogen, which in turn can be used to power a and run the small car.

The car can run at a top speed of about 20 miles per hour. Its top range is roughly 40 minutes, and then it will need a refill. While this is, at this stage of research, an interesting curiosity, this research has the potential to grow into a very real world application. The research team behind the zero-emissions remote controlled hopes to one day transition the technology to cars in the real world. The cars, which the team sees as being microcars, would also be zero-emissions and could take a small number of people where they need to go. Hopefully, they will not be RC.

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