evoMouse and Magic Cube: New mouse and projector keyboard devices (w/ Video)


(PhysOrg.com) -- The mouse, sometimes it is your best friend and sometimes it is the carpal tunnel inducing, hand cramping pain in the buttocks, but what if it didn't have to give you those cramps? What if instead of forcing your hand to conform to the position it wants you in, it would let you use your natural hand, in whatever way you want?

A new competitor has moved into the projected peripherals area with the evoMouse set of devices, which allow for both a virtual keyboard and and multi-touch support. The devices, which comes in two styles the evoMouse Pet and the Magic Cube, were unveiled at the in Las Vegas.

The evoMouse Pet looks like a small box with legs, almost like a crouching animal. The mouse then projects are area in which your hands can function as if you really were using a mouse. Your fingers movements are then similar to the mouse that you already use, allowing you to move the cursor, click, double-click, right-click and drag. It also supports the pinch-to-zoom and rotate functions in Windows 7.

evoMouse and Magic Cube: New mouse and projector keyboard devices (w/ Video)

The Magic Cube is similar to the Pet, except that it can project a laser keyboard. The can deal with up to 400 characters per minute of input, if you are careful about where you type.

Both of the products connect with , though there is a USB plug in mode as well, which is used primarily for charging the devices. That is good news when you consider that the is only two hours. Thus far the two devices are expected only to work with Windows XP/Vista or 7, and on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian-based mobile devices.

The mice, which will be sold at first only in the UK, do not yet have a price point.

More information: www.celluon.com/products/laserkey1_4.htm?sm=2_1

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