Gadgets: Monster's Mobile Jamz headphones deliver

Gadgets: Monster's Mobile Jamz headphones deliver

Monster's Mobile Jamz high-performance music headphones not only put the finishing touch on any portable music system with great sound, but also help you get the music from computer to portable device.

First off, the are what you would expect from a company like Monster -- well built, fashionable with excellent performance.

Without a doubt you get the "wow factor" when listening to the headphones, which are advertised to deliver incredible clarity, crystal clear highs and my favorite deep bass punch.

After just a few minutes, even if you're not a sound expert, it's obvious Monster has delivered.

The headphones include ControlTalk Universal so users can answer cell phone calls hands free. A button on the unit's cord controls this.

Your voice is transmitted with a high-grade microphone, also on the cord.

Gadgets: Monster's Mobile Jamz headphones deliver
The heavyweight headphones are made with a solid metal shiny finish, which looks great and will not need polishing to maintain the shine.

To ensure that you get the maximum signal transfer when plugged into a device, the ports are made with 24K gold.

Multiple black ear tips are included to get the proper, comfortable fit.

For those who have a portable media device (MP3 player, cell phone, etc,) that takes a MicroSD card, Monster included a 2GB card, USB reader and the Monster Mobile Media Manager software to help load music or videos from a Windows-based PC to your device.

Also included are adapters for use with other 2.5mm port-equipped music phones, an online chat adapter for use with applications such as Skype, iChat, AIM and others.

A cable management pouch is also included to store everything.

Details:, $119.95

The Apple certified gear4 Explorer-SP portable docking for iPhones and iPods stands out from others simply because it works for hours without an AC power boost.

This is accomplished with its built-in Li-Ion battery, which has a 2-hour fast charge and can provide up to 8-hours of portable play time.

An LED light on the unit indicates how much battery power remains or the status of a charge.

Setup for this device is simple; just unpack it and plug it in if it needs a charge and it's ready for use. From there just select the proper fitting dock adapter for your player.

The included infrared wireless remote controls what music is selected and player settings (repeat, shuffle, artist or song selections).

It's built with 3D sound, which as the manual describes gives increased width and depth to your music. To activate, press the 3D button on the remote or speaker.

An aux-in port allows other non-Apple portable media players to easily be plugged in for use.

Since portability is one of the main features, a storage carrying case is included.

Details:, $149

It seems that most every gadget these days is featured as an "all-in-one or multifunctional," combining more than one feature into a single item. Such is the case with Sungale desk lamp, which also functions as a digital photo frame.

The item is a lamp first, which has 18 individual soft light LEDs mounted on a flexible metal arm for easy adjustment while producing very little heat.

Sungale tests have the lamp lasting up to 30,000 operation hours with power consumption of only 5W. It's also environmentally friendly with no mercury.

The unit has a 3.5-inch digital LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels) to view digital photos individually or in a slide show. When not in use, it folds into the base.

Images load in seconds by inserting your own media card (SD, MMC and MS Â- up to 2GB) into the built-in card reader, which is easily accessible on the side of the base. A USB port allows connection to a PC for managing the files.

There are 512MB of built-in memory for storing photos.

In addition to the digital photo frame, it contains an alarm clock, digital calendar and clock and will play music and video files. Working it all was pretty simple and done with the on screen setup menus.

Details:, $74.99

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