Apple's iPad Vs Lenovo's IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook (w/ Video)

January 28, 2010 by John Messina, weblog

( -- Apple's announcement on their new iPad left some disappointed in its capabilities and lack of. The iPad is sleek and thin at .53 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds. According to Apple the iPad will run iPhone apps without any modification. There are however some features that will have consumers thinking twice before considering to buy the iPad.

The has no multitasking capabilities which can be counter-productive; how can you copy and paste between two application? This is a basic requirement that is even available in some smartphones.

No Flash support. Many websites use flash for video streaming as well as movie content providers like Hulu, Fancast, and others.
The screen ratio is 4:3 and is not HD ready. The screen itself displays 132 ppi as compared to the ’s 163 ppi. This leaves much to be desired when viewing streaming video.

The good news is the iPad has optional keyboard dock, camera connection kit and an Apple-designed case; all of which will raise the basic cost.

In the 2010 CES, announced their IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook. This device has unique detach-and-converge design that lets users easily remove the screen to instantly switch from clamshell mode to a multi-touch slate tablet.

Lenovo's amazing Tablet/PC Hybrid brings a tablet and a PC together in an amazingly elegant way. It's a tablet. It's a notebook computer.

In the clamshell mode the ideaPad runs Windows 7 Home Edition and when detached, in the tablet mode, runs Skylight OS. Skylight OS is a custom user interface by Lenovo built on top of the Linux kernel. Since both OS’s support Adobe Flash there’s no problems watching flash multimedia in clamshell or tablet mode.

Both operating systems also provide users with a wide range of existing applications that are not found in the iPad except for existing iPhone apps.

Of course these are not the only two touch tablets that we will see in 2010. This year we can see completion heating up between eReaders and touch tablets. The winner will have to be a device that is both innovative and affordable.

Lenovo's IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook

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More information: Lenovo IdeaPad news release: … .cfm?article_id=1301

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not rated yet Jan 28, 2010
John, users have been able to copy and paste between applications on the iPhone for a long time now. Don't get me wrong; I completely agree that the lack of multitasking is a huge downside to the iPad, but for different reasons.

I *love* physorg, but please complete your research! Research is the foundation of this site. Also, consider using a copyeditor. :^)
not rated yet Jan 28, 2010
You're correct about the iPhone. I'm talking about the iPad between multiple applications.
4 / 5 (2) Jan 28, 2010
I would suggest that the OS 3.2 is not the final build for the device release as it was ported to the new hardware/or expanded to support the different hardware.
I suspect the final device will have OS 4.0. This new release may have some of the desired, and existing iPhone features desired. Lack of SD slot, USB port.
I think a lot of observers and commentators have missed the point of this device. It was never intended to be a phone! The 3G capabilities were intended as a 'live' link to the internet for reading online content on the go. There is supposed to be a differentiation between the iPhone and the iPad. That is the whole point.
5 / 5 (2) Jan 28, 2010
@Jmessina, Point taken. I could easily be wrong, but I would be shocked if it were not possible to copy and paste between apps on the iPad in the same way that one can on the iPhone/iPT. I can only hope that as Thex1138 says, OS 4.0 will solve many of the software problems. The only hardware issue I have is not having a camera, but if they can solve multitasking and other software issues in the next build, I'll likely be sold.
Jan 29, 2010
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
not rated yet Jan 29, 2010
I'm sorry, but that thing looks dog slow. I mean, that interface runs at around 3 fps in the video! It's not anywhere close to what Apple has released. And who cares if it's got a keyboard, if I want a keyboard I'll get a notebook. Apple has this one in the bag (other than the name. iPad? Seriously? Someone wasn't thinking about that one).

By the way, you CAN buy a keyboard attachment for the Apple tablet. Now what?
not rated yet Jan 29, 2010
John, having two independent operation system running like this has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen unless I'm missing something. Windows with clamshell and Skylight OS in tablet, so if I needed to finish a note or something with a keyboard, I couldn't do it unless I have the same program running in widows. Talk about multitasking, I don't think thats what they meant when they coin the word.
Jan 29, 2010
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
not rated yet Jan 29, 2010

I think most get that its not a phone, but a light media center. The problem is 2 fold though. You've shown either a product that is less efficient at that task at an expensive cost, or one that is incomplete with a failure to discuss the soon to be included peripherals.

Oh and they named it something goofy...

The 16 gig, without the accessories is already 500 bucks...thats insane. Tack on another 130 for the unlimited 3g?? Sure a few will part with an arm and a leg for a bigger screen, but most people are pretty content with either a phone or a netbook/laptop that does all the same things..and more at lesser price.

not rated yet Jan 29, 2010
By the way, you can get a ZiiEgg with the developers kit for 400 bucks...and its 32 gig standard with a 32 gig sd slot...
I'm sure you could easily develop a book reader on it :)
not rated yet Jan 30, 2010
Yes, they made a mistake, it should have ran OSX.
1 / 5 (1) Jan 31, 2010
I generally love physorg, but this cheap propaganda is embarrassing and has absolutely no place here!
5 / 5 (1) Feb 01, 2010
I think the U1 definitely tops the iPad. In fact, Lenovo really did Apple in at CES in my opinion. They also released the IdeaPad S10-3t, referenced here at http://www.ideapa...view.htm , which is also pretty far up in the competition with Apple.

Steve Jobs really could have done better. -sigh- I'm proud of Lenovo, though. They brought us something tangible, not just the iPhone XL.

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