Seattle area could see record-setting high temperatures this week

( -- Western Washington is braced for unusually hot weather this week, but University of Washington scientists say this could be one for the record books, with Seattle experiencing historic triple-digit readings.

The UW Probability Forecast shows a Wednesday high temperature of 102 degrees in SeaTac, site of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where the official Seattle temperature is recorded. The all-time record high for Seattle is 100 degrees, set July 16, 1941, in downtown Seattle and tied July 20, 1994, at Sea-Tac airport. The probability forecast says the temperature could reach as high as 107 in SeaTac, but also could top out at 98.

In his weather blog, Cliff Mass, a UW atmospheric sciences professor, notes that the heat wave that began on Sunday could stretch into next weekend, though the temperatures should cool somewhat by Friday.

"We are about to enter an historic for our region," he wrote.

He also noted that Portland and the Willamette River Valley in Oregon are likely to be even warmer, with temperatures well into the 100s.

Already cooling centers have opened in several areas to help people beat the heat. Residents are being urged to check on elderly friends and neighbors, who could be particularly vulnerable, especially those who lack air conditioning.

Mass noted that heat waves are the most dangerous weather phenomenon in the world, and that many more people die from heat than from hurricanes, tornadoes and windstorms.

The UW Probability Forecast is designed to provide uncertainty information along with a probabilistic forecast. The Web site was developed at the UW Applied Physics Laboratory based on research conducted in the departments of atmospheric sciences, statistics and psychology.

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Jul 28, 2009
Here are temperatures during a 24-hour period, including today, at Sea-Tac:

Time EDT (UTC) Date Temperature °F (°C)
6 PM (22) Jul 28 95.0 (35.0)
5 PM (21) Jul 28 91.9 (33.3)
4 PM (20) Jul 28 89.1 (31.7)
3 PM (19) Jul 28 87.1 (30.6)
2 PM (18) Jul 28 84.9 (29.4)
1 PM (17) Jul 28 82.0 (27.8)
Noon (16) Jul 28 78.1 (25.6)
11 AM (15) Jul 28 75.0 (23.9)
10 AM (14) Jul 28 72.0 (22.2)
9 AM (13) Jul 28 72.0 (22.2)
8 AM (12) Jul 28 73.0 (22.8)
7 AM (11) Jul 28 75.0 (23.9)
6 AM (10) Jul 28 73.9 (23.3)
5 AM (9) Jul 28 75.0 (23.9)
4 AM (8) Jul 28 75.9 (24.4)
3 AM (7) Jul 28 79.0 (26.1)
2 AM (6) Jul 28 84.0 (28.9)
1 AM (5) Jul 28 82.9 (28.3)
Midnight (4) Jul 28 86.0 (30.0)
11 PM (3) Jul 27 90.0 (32.2)
10 PM (2) Jul 27 91.9 (33.3)
9 PM (1) Jul 27 93.0 (33.9)
8 PM (0) Jul 27 93.9 (34.4)
7 PM (23) Jul 27 93.0

Let's see if the enviromentals get it right this time... :)

Jul 29, 2009
And of course these Science pages ignore the over 3000 record cold temperature records set in the US's Mid-West and North-East. I wonder why?

Jul 29, 2009
"The all-time record high for Seattle is 100 degrees, set July 16, 1941, in downtown Seattle and tied July 20, 1994, at Sea-Tac airport."
In all likelihood, temperatures will be cooler next summer. Determining the normal temperatures depends on who does the measuring and over what scale of time is measured.
The past winter in Washington was abnormally cold with more snow than "normal".

Aug 07, 2009
The prediction was made. According to NOAA the prediction held. Unfortunately, other measurements taken with other instuments in the area registered a few degrees lower. I think someone needs to look over the apparatus at Sea-Tac. I've got a feeling it is where it should not be located and that its temperature measurements are being affected by the tarmac.

The temps right now are much cooler, preceded by very high winds yesterday in my neck of the woods.

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