Honda to Begin Sales of Two More Hybrid Models in 2010

Honda to Begin Sales of Two More Hybrid Models in 2010
CR-Z concept

Honda Motor announced plans to begin sales in Japan of the CR-Z sporty hybrid model in February 2010 and Fit Hybrid before the end of 2010.

By combining these two models with the currently available Insight and Civic Hybrid, Honda will further enhance its lineup of compact hybrid models, which leverage the unique characteristics of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), including compact size, lightweight and high efficiency.

In addition, Honda is currently developing a new which is intended to be installed on mid- to large-size vehicles.

Honda to Begin Sales of Two More Hybrid Models in 2010

Honda also announced that, in addition to the No. 1 line at its Suzuka Factory, the production of Insight also began on Suzuka's No. 3 line in mid-June 2009.

Honda said it will continue to focus on research and development of technologies which improve fuel-efficiency and strive to deliver products with improved environmental performance to as many customers as possible.

The CR-Z concept vehicle made its world debut at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. The CR-Z sporty hybrid will feature advanced technologies that deliver enjoyable driving for all while reducing the vehicle's .

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Jul 19, 2009

Honda built good EV's 10 yrs ago, when will they build them or series plug in hybrids? These are pitiful mildbrids barely better than just an ICE.

Jul 21, 2009
no plug = no sale. Why won't they give me what I want?

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