Motorola Features First Public Safety Suite of 4G Wireless Broadband Applications Delivered on 700 MHz

Motorola, Inc. is demonstrating public safety wireless broadband applications over a live, 700 MHz wireless broadband system, which represents an industry first and an important milestone in advancing agency communications.

The demonstration features a vehicle equipped with 700 MHz OFDM being driven in the City of San Diego transmitting video and dispatch data back to the convention center. This real time system demonstrates an effective prioritization of public safety applications over a congested network.

“The ability to deploy innovative applications on 700 MHz will open up a world of possibilities for public safety agencies,” said Girish Rishi, Motorola’s Vice President and General Manager, Applications and Data Solutions. “New wireless broadband applications will create greater situational awareness for better decision making and ultimately lead to safer communities.”

The 700 MHz band, is viewed as a valuable resource for public safety agencies seeking to introduce enhanced data services and rich multimedia applications. Video, location based services, access to high resolution images and mobile office are some of the key applications that could be enabled over the 700 MHz system.

Added Rishi, “Motorola’s deep understanding of public safety requirements will enable us to deliver a robust suite of applications in concert with our ecosystem of partners on the next generation of broadband infrastructure.”

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