Dell Talking About 80-Core Chip Processor

Dell slide shown Tuesday at SC08 (Credit: Dell Computer)
Dell slide shown Tuesday at SC08 (Credit: Dell Computer)

( -- This week Michael Dell (CEO of Dell) gave a slide presentation that included Intel´s recently developed 80-core processor. This isn't the first time that the 80-core chip was mentioned in a conference.

Two years ago CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, made a promise of delivering an 80-core processor within the next five years. He had also noted that the chips should be able to swap data at a terabyte a second (see video).

Video: Intel tests chip design with 80-core processor

This does not mean that future designs of the x86 chip is dead. We will continue to see more and more cores with increased performance and without more power required. The trend, for Intel, is to pack more computing power into smaller machines thereby creating desktop sized supercomputers.

Intel's intention is to continue to bring out many-core processors including its upcoming Larrabee graphics chip and future server processors that may reach 32 cores. Currently, Intel´s Dunnington processor gets the prize for the most cores.

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