Columbia researcher retracts more studies

A Columbia University researcher has reportedly retracted four more scientific papers because the findings could not be replicated.

Chemistry Professor Dalibor Sames earlier this year retracted two other papers and part of a third published in a scientific journal, The New York Times reported Thursday. All of the papers involved carbon-hydrogen bond activation research.

Although Sames is listed as senior author on all of the papers, one of his former graduate students -- Bengu Sezen -- performed most of the experiments, the Times said.

Sames said each experiment has been repeated by at least two independent scientists who have not been able to replicate the results.

Sezen, a doctoral student in another field at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, disputed the retractions, questioning whether other members of Sames's group had tried to exactly repeat her experiments, the newspaper said.

The retraction of one paper, published in the journal Organic Letters in 2003, appeared Thursday, while the three others published in The Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2002 and 2003 are to be formally retracted later this month, the Times said.

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