In Brief: New test tool for home broadband installs

A new toolkit developed by San Jose, Calif.-based Sunrise Telecom will make it easier for broadband providers to install triple-play service in customer homes.

Sunrise said Tuesday it was releasing the SSMTT-41, a multi-function tool that will perform inside-wiring tests as well as VDSL line verifications.

The device is designed to make it easier for field techs to verify that a home's wiring can handle Internet Protocol television and other triple-play services, perform the installation and get on to their next job.

"The SSMTT-41 integrates all of the tests required to turn up a VDSL-based IPTV customer, both inside and outside the home, in a single tool," explained Sunrise's Steve Kim. "This allows our customers to speed deployment of service, simplify maintenance, and ensure end-user satisfaction."

The SSMTT includes a VDSL modem, radio frequency level meter, spectrum analyzer, HPNA (Home Phoneline Network Adaptor) analyzer and wiring tester.

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