Spurned spammers hack security site

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Spammers have attacked anti-spam, anti-spyware company Blue Security's Web site, stealing parts of the database to get customers' e-mail addresses.

The spammers then sent the company's users the following e-mail message, threatening those who did not remove the company's free anti-spam download Blue Frog, according to a report in the Israeli business newspaper Globes.

"You are being emailed because you are a Blue Security user. Blue Security's data base has now been distributed to the worst among spammers. Within 48 hours, the database will be published on the Internet, and your email will be open to a community of spammers," the e-mail said, according to the report.

"After this, you will see that spam to your mailbox increases 10 (to) 20 fold. Blue Security was illegally attacking spammers, now spammers fight back. Remove Blue Frog from your tray to avoid getting more spam."

The message went on to allege that Blue Security was itself a spam scam, according to the report. "How do you think they make money? We don't know. But they could be using your computer to send spam themselves, hired to attack other sites, or asking for ransom after attack."

In response, Blue Security Chief Executive Officer Eran Reshef posted a letter on the company Web site. "The reason for this attack?" Reshef wrote. "Blue Security has been extraordinarily effective in stopping spam being sent to our community."

Reshef and Amir Hirsh founded the company in 2004. The Blue Frog free download protects users from spam by making spammers delete the users' e-mail addresses from spamming lists, the newspaper said.

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