South Korea creates female android

South Korea creates female android

South Korean scientists say they have created the world's second android -- a female named EveR-1.

The android can understand about 400 words, speak, blink her eyes and display several facial expressions, The Korea Times reported Thursday.

Japan developed the first android in 2003.

Scientists from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology presented their android during an exhibition at the Seoul Education Culture Center.

EveR-1 -- a name that combines "Eve" and robot -- looks like a Korean female in her early 20s, the Times reported, noting that, from a distance, the android might be mistaken for a real person.

"EveR-1 amply demonstrates (South Korean) robotic technologies are at the forefront in the world," said senior institute scientist Baeg Moon-hong.

"For now, EveR-1 can be employed as a guide robot at museums and department stores or as an educational model to read books to children,'' Baeg said.

"But we are looking further ahead," he told the newspaper. "We are working on upgrading the android with the aim of making it move its legs by the end of this year. It will be able to sit down and stand up by then."


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