Forklift simulator in development

University of Navarre scientists are developing a forklift truck simulator for training to minimize the risks involved in their use in the workplace.

The project, led by the Pamplona school's Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energetics and Materials, was commissioned by the Navarre government's Institute of Occupational Health.

The research team has proposed the design of a forklift for the future and the development of a simulator for it; one that could be used both for training and in obtaining a license to operate for the vehicle.

The project consists of two parts depending on its use. The first aims at training in the use of such vehicles. Besides training in theory, the research team's simulator is novel in that it teaches -- in a virtual manner -- practical skills. At the end of the session, the system will tell which errors were committed.

In the second part, the system will function as a driving test center for forklift operators. Although such a driving license exists legally, there does not yet exist an officially approved standardized test for it.

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