Swedish couple names first-born 'Google'

October 21, 2005

A couple in Sweden who uses computers a lot have chosen to name their firstborn son Google, after the world-dominant search engine.

Elias Kai, who is Lebanese, told The Local newspaper he's a "great fan" of the search engine, but the name means more to him than that.

"The word 'googol' means 1 followed by 100 zeros, and I want my son to have lots of friends -- I want him to be social, so the name also symbolizes this."

The Swedish tax authority, known for being iffy about allowing unusual baby names, did not stand in their way after the birth on Sept. 12.

"They just thought it was funny," Elias told the newspaper.

And so did management at the Silicone Valley, Calif.-based software company.

"We wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren't too hard on him," Google's in-house blogger wrote.

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