Poll: Evolution rejected by most in survey

A CBS News public opinion survey indicates most respondents do not accept the theory of evolution.

The telephone poll conducted Oct. 3-5 suggests 51 percent of those asked believe God created humans in their present form. Three in 10 believed while humans evolved, that God guided the process, and 15 percent said humans evolved independently.

Those views were similar to a November 2004 CBS poll shortly after the presidential election. In that earlier survey, 55 percent said they believed God created humans in their present form; 27 percent believed humans evolved, but God guided that process; and 13 percent said humans evolved, but God was not involved in the process.

Most respondents said it's possible to believe both in God and evolution, 67 percent compared to 29 percent who disagreed.

Although most demographic groups say it's possible to believe in both God and evolution, more than half of white evangelical Christians say that is not possible.

The CBS poll was conducted among a random sample of 808 adults and had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

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