Motorola introduces mobile sunglasses

July 25, 2005
RAZRWIRE Bluetooth eyewear

Motorola and Oakley announced Monday the expected availability of RAZRWIRE Bluetooth eyewear in early August at Cingular Wireless retail stores and online.

In a joint release the companies said that RAZRWIRE is the world's first eyewear to combine patented Oakley optics with Bluetooth wireless technology."Seamless mobility is here, now with the availability of RAZRWIRE," said Bruce Hawver, vice president of companion products, Motorola's Mobile Device business."Motorola and Oakley are bringing innovative wearable technology to life.With this one-of-a-kind Bluetooth-enabled mobile eyewear, active consumers can stay connected while moving from one environment to the next."

"RAZRWIRE's fully integrated design takes advantage of the world's best eyewear and wireless technologies to give freedom of life, movement and communication anywhere and everywhere you want to be, so now seeing and hearing is believing," said Cos Lykos, vice president of business development, Oakley."Our partnership with Motorola expands the possibilities of Oakley's new electronics category, offering our engineers an expanded arsenal to develop new and innovative electronics products."

David Christopher, vice president of product management, Cingular Wireless, added, "RAZRWIRE is the essence of innovative mobile communications, offering a wearable Bluetooth solution that provides access to our ALLOVER network while allowing consumers to enjoy their active lifestyles with comfort and convenience.We are excited to be the first wireless carrier to offer RAZRWIRE."

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