Dell Brings Intel Dual-Core Technology to Servers for Small Businesses

Dell today announced the PowerEdge SC430 will be among the first servers to feature the enhanced performance enabled by Intel's new dual-core processor technology.

Dual-core technology combines two processing units into a single processor chip. The result can be dramatic increases in performance and power efficiency compared to single-core processors, especially when running multiple applications.

The PowerEdge SC430 brings great performance and productivity to small business environments at an affordable price. In addition to the excellent processor performance, the PowerEdge SC430 adds 50 percent more storage capacity and 50 percent more high-speed PCI Express I/O slots than its predecessor, the PowerEdge SC420.

The server is ideal for e-mail, file/print serving and shared Internet access. It is easy to deploy and manage and is designed for small businesses looking to upgrade from existing peer-to-peer networks, or for those looking for their first general-purpose server. With the latest dual-core, memory and I/O technology, the PowerEdge SC430 gives customers more investment protection and productivity than ever before in a small-business tower server.

A Complete Server Solution for Small Business

The enhanced flexibility and performance of the PowerEdge SC430 coupled with Dell's management utilities, software and professional services help customers get the most value from their technology investment.

Customers with limited IT resources or expertise will find the PowerEdge SC430 easy to set up, run and troubleshoot. The server comes standard with Dell Server Assistant for PowerEdge SC, a management utility designed to make OS installation quick and easy.

For customers looking to transition to a client-server environment, Dell offers Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with the PowerEdge SC430. Microsoft SBS 2003 helps small businesses take advantage of the Internet, strengthen customer relationships, and improve employee productivity.

Dell provides a full range of enterprise services tailored to meet the needs of small business. Customers in the U.S. buying PowerEdge SC430 can purchase Dell's Custom Network Installation Assessment which helps them develop a sound technology strategy for their small business environment. Additionally, advanced Technical Support services are specifically designed to help small businesses accelerate deployment, maximize uptime and maintain the continuing operation of their system. Dell will also help small business customers recycle their old technology with its recycling services at the end of the lifecycle. For more information visit

"The PowerEdge SC430 is a great first step in delivering the performance and power efficiency of dual-core technology," said Jeff Clarke, senior vice president, Dell Product Group. "As the leading provider of x86-based servers in the U.S., we plan to deliver the broadest offering of dual and multi-core servers to our small business, institutional and enterprise customers to help build out their scalable enterprise environments."

PowerEdge SC430 features include:

-- Choice of 2.53GHz Intel Celeron, 2.8/3.0GHz Intel P4, or 3.0/3.2GHz Intel Pentium D dual-core processor;
-- Up to 4GB of DDR-2 SDRAM;
-- Three PCI Express Slots, and two 32bit/33MHz legacy PCI slots;
-- Optional SATA drives or U320 SCSI drives;
-- Optional Travan TR-40 or DAT72 tape backup unit.

The Dell PowerEdge SC430 is available worldwide with pricing starting at $499. It supports Windows Server 2003, Red Hat and SUSE Linux operating systems.

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