Motorola Turns Up the Volume in the Mobile Music Space

Motorola E725
Motorola, Inc. unveiled three new handsets and music content. With Motorola’s rapidly growing portfolio of converged music devices and relationships with industry leaders, the company is becoming the preferred source of innovative mobile music by providing technologies and experiences that tear down the barriers between music producer and music consumer. Motorola is committed to delivering cutting edge mobile music solutions for all music fans across a variety of technology platforms and at a number of different price points.

“With a mobile music portfolio that features a variety of different solutions, Motorola is delivering premium, innovative products and technologies that help people bring their own personal lifebeat with them all over the world,” says Alberto Moriondo, Worldwide Director of Entertainment Solutions, Mobile Devices Business for Motorola, Inc. “This isn’t technology for technology’s sake; this is technology for music’s sake.”

Motorola E680i
A world of music lives in your pocket and in your hand with the new Motorola E680i. With over two gigabytes of music with optional memory, the Motorola E680i allows you to transfer, store, catalog and enjoy your favorite tracks. Stereo audio is supported wirelessly over Bluetooth® technology with such products as the Motorola HT820 Bluetooth stereo headphones. The E680i also provides easy plug & play desktop synchronization and music transfers between handset and PC. Connect straight into the Music Store to learn about and purchase new music whenever you want.* The handset performs across MP3, WMA, RealAudio/Video, MIDI, WAV, AAC and a range of others formats – providing wide-ranging industry compatibility. Complete with a built-in FM radio receiver, video capture/playback capabilities, handwriting recognition and e-mail, the Motorola E680i will be available in the Asia-Pacific region in April 2005.

Motorola E725
The Motorola E725 delivers the music you want in just seconds. Advanced EV-DO network capability lets you wirelessly download your favorite music tracks and videos to your handset faster than ever before*. Sync it with your PC and take your music collection wherever you go or hit the streets and download over-the-air.* The ultimate audio experience is in the palm of your hand via integrated dual-speakers, stereo headset port and advanced 3D stereo surround sound. With dedicated music keys, 5-band graphic equalizer, audio synchronized rhythm lights and up to 2GB of storage on the optional removable memory card for music and multimedia content, the Motorola E725 has everything you need in a mobile media device. The Motorola E725 will be available in the Americas in the second half of 2005.

Motorola E685
The Motorola E685 brings high fashion to high fidelity. Packed within the slim slider is a vibrant color display, mp3 player with stereo headset jack, VGA camera with photo and video capture, and CDMA 1x data capability. With a sync cable and a PC, you can transfer your favorite tracks to the phone in seconds, and enjoy them on-the-go. Consumers in China will be able to take their music mobile in style with the new Motorola E685 in the first half of 2005.

HIJACKED by MTV International

Continuing to grow and expand their strategic marketing relationship, Motorola and MTV International are providing consumers with the first-ever HIJACKED mobile handsets, bringing a rebellious new approach to mobile phones. With this new portfolio of Motorola phones Hijacked by MTV, the ability to be an MTV karaoke star or graffiti artist is now at hand. Later this year these new handsets will create a new world of mobile madness and entertainment, MTV-style.

On-Site Experiences

Attendees of the Motorola experience at M3 will also receive a first look at two new innovative technology advances from Motorola. The first is the breakthrough Motorola iRadio solution, which will mobilize hundreds of commercial-free Internet radio channels* as well as a user’s personal music collection, letting them enjoy their favorite artists and tunes whether at home, in the car, or on the go. The service uses a high-speed Internet connection, Bluetooth® technology, and a mobile phone to offer listeners a continuous entertainment experience – users can start a song on your car radio at exactly the point where you stopped it on your living room stereo.

Near Field Communications (NFC)
For consumers looking to expand their own personal music collection, Motorola’s is showcasing a Near Field Communications (NFC) solution. At M3, users will be able to use a NFC-enabled Motorola mobile phone to read a smart tag embedded in a concert poster to download information about the artist to their mobile phone, purchase songs or order tickets to an upcoming concert from the Web*. This is just another way Motorola is changing the mobile music scene.

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