Canary Wireless Hotspotter

Canary Wireless Hotspotter
Canary Wireless announces the availability of The Digital Hotspotter device, the first Wi-Fi detection and analysis tool with an LCD display that provides essential network information to Wi-Fi users and technology professionals. Unlike current analog Wi-Fi detector offerings that only detect signal availability and strength, Canary Wireless’ offering is the only device of its kind to provide smart signal analysis, including network ID, encryption status and channel data for multiple networks. The Digital Hotspotter device costs $49.95.

According to the Travel Industry Association of America, more than 45 million people travel on business each year. These "road warriors" and "windshield warriors" increasingly demand broadband wireless access along their journeys – from hotels to airports to everywhere in-between. Wi-Fi has become the broadband solution of choice for many of these users.

“As Wi-Fi users become accustomed to using high-speed Internet access when and where they need it, versatile tools for finding accessible Wi-Fi networks become essential,” commented Benjamin Kern, founder of Canary Wireless. “Canary Wireless’ Digital Hotspotter device offers the only convenient solution that lets a user know exactly what networks are available and allows the user to determine whether it’s a good time to boot-up. With its ability to detect encryption status, signal strength and channel information, the device also provides the easiest way for tech professionals to detect rogue access points, perform site surveys and troubleshoot interference.”

The Canary Difference

From business travelers to students and today’s mobile workforce, the Canary device offers users convenience, flexibility and security. Benefits include:

-- No need to boot-up a laptop to detect whether an accessible Wi-Fi network is near
-- Signal strength indicator can indicate best location to get online
-- Device can show multiple overlapping networks and provide detailed information for each network
-- Device gives network ID (SSID), which can allow a user to identify public or private networks
-- Encryption indicator shows whether a network is accessible or closed
-- Versatile network analysis, rollout and maintenance tool
-- Rogue access point detection; security enhancement
-- No false readings from microwave signals or cordless phones like some competitors’ offerings
-- Convenient site survey device
-- Cost-effective to deploy and use
-- Does not require any additional software or hardware
-- Can be branded with your company's logo

“The Canary Wireless device is remarkable in its ability to quickly locate WLAN access points as well as important information on their channel and encryption,” commented Canary Wireless beta customer, Dean Knuth, National Account Manager, Wireless for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems.

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