NASA Scientist to Discuss Preparations for Manned Flights to MARS

NASA scientist, and Northern Illinois University alumnus, Michael C. Greenisen, will speak at NIU on activities underway to prepare astronauts for manned space flight to Mars.

The program, “International Space Station: Transitional Platform for Moon and Mars,” will be at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 23, in the Barsema Hall Auditorium. Greenisen’s presentation is co-sponsored by the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology and the NIU College of Business. The lecture is part of CEET’s Executive Speaker Series.

Greenisen, who received his B.S. in physical education fron NIU in 1963, is the International Space Station Human Life Sciences Scientist. In that role, he monitors the physical well-being of astronauts, creating exercise programs and developing exercise equipment to help astronauts avoid the loss of muscle-mass, bone density and aerobic capacity that can be associated with extended periods of time in space.

Greenisen works closely with astronauts on the International Space Station to address those issues. Insights gained through his work may ultimately be applied for use on future lunar bases or during long duration space flights to other planets. A moon base would be the test bed for resolving the engineering obstacles for later establishment of the Mars Crew Habitat.

The program is free and is open to the public.

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