The Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society publishes papers on systematic and evolutionary zoology and comparative, functional and other studies where relevant to these areas. Studies of extinct as well as living animals are included. Reviews are also published; these may be invited by the Editorial Board, but uninvited reviews may also be considered. The Zoological Journal also has a wide circulation amongst zoologists and although narrowly specialized papers are not excluded, potential authors should bear that readership in mind.

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Birdsong and human voice built from same genetic blueprint

Humans have long been fascinated by bird song and the cacophony of other avian sounds—from coos and honks to quacks and peeps. But little is known about how the unique vocal organ of birds—the syrinx—varies from species ...

New larks revealed in Africa

Researchers at Uppsala University, together with colleagues at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the University of Gothenburg, and institutions in seven other countries, have studied the relationships between five closely ...

New sea slug species named after retired biology professor

The next time you head to the coast to enjoy the Tampa Bay waters, you may stumble upon a Pierce's Cyerce—a recently-discovered sea slug species that is being named after Sidney "Skip" Pierce, emeritus professor of integrative ...

Exploring the limits of marine burrow cohabitation

Good real estate is not easy to find, even for sea creatures. Sometimes, push comes to shove, and species resort to competition or conquering before weighing the benefits of sharing an ecosystem like housemates.

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