Scientists uncover simple strategies for keeping foams on walls

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have uncovered a unique mechanism by which foams on walls drain and slip over time. They showed how a foam can lose liquid via "pinch-off," like droplets from a faucet, finding ...

Liquid crystals for fast switching devices

Liquid crystals are not solid, but some of their physical properties are directional—like in a crystal. This is because their molecules can arrange themselves into certain patterns. The best-known applications include flat ...

Catching the fog as it rolls in for more fresh water

In the Namib desert—one of the driest places in the world—a tiny species of beetle climbs the dunes, leans its body toward the wind, and catches the only source of water it can: passing droplets of fog.

The curious task of watching liquid marbles dry

A comprehensive framework for studying the evaporation behavior of liquid marbles is helping KAUST researchers to better understand these tiny biological structures.

New membrane to make fresh water

Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and their collaborators have developed a new membrane, whose structure was inspired by a protein from algae, for electrodialysis that could be used to provide fresh water for farming ...

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