The objective of Sociology is to publish outstanding and original articles which advance the theoretical understanding of, and promote and report empirical research about the widest range of sociological topics. The journal encourages, and welcomes, submission of papers which report findings using both quantitative and qualitative research methods; articles challenging conventional concepts and proposing new conceptual approaches; and accounts of methodological innovation and the research process. Research Notes provide a means of briefly summarising results from recent or current studies or short discussions of methodological problems and solutions. Critical review essays and book reviews are seen as ways of promoting vigorous scholarly debate. While the journal is intended to serve the interests of members of the British Sociological Association, it does not restrict its coverage to issues about British society, nor does it require authors to be members of the BSA.


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The poverty penalty in action—less for your money

The recent Bank of England evidence on the record levels of personal debt that have accumulated since the 2008 economic crash highlight the financial vulnerability of many people across the UK. Research by the University ...

New research into the UK's 'super-citizen' tests

Citizenship tests are requiring immigrants to become 'super-citizens' and act as barriers to naturalisation, according to new research from the University of Manchester.

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