Small is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published twenty-four times a year. Small publishes research in science and technology on the micro- and nanoscales in the form of Communications, Reviews, Concepts, Highlights, Essays, and Full Papers. The journal was co-founded by Chad Mirkin and Peter Gölitz. The editorial office is in Weinheim, Germany. Small is available online through the Wiley Online Library. All of the publications can be found here.

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Decoy particles trick coronavirus as it evolves

They might look like cells and act like cells. But a new potential COVID-19 treatment is actually a cleverly disguised trickster, which attracts viruses and binds them, rendering them inactive.

Leveraging AI to work with cells

One of the ultimate goals of medical science is to develop personalized disease diagnostics and therapeutics. With a patient's genetic information, doctors could tailor treatments to individuals, leading to safer and more ...

Decoding protein assembly dynamics with artificial protein needles

Protein assembly is essential for the formation of ordered biological structures, but imagine engineering one. This is exactly what researchers at Tokyo Tech have now accomplished with protein needles. By regulating the tip-to-tip ...

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