Reports on Progress in Physics is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Institute of Physics. The editor-in-chief is Laura H. Greene (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign). The focus of this journal is invited review articles covering all branches of physics. Each review will typically survey and critique a particular topic, or developments in a field. Introductions of articles are intended for a broad readership, beyond the specialist or expert. In addition to the traditional review article two other formats are available: Reports on Progress (about 20 pages) and Key Issues Reviews (about 10 pages).

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Frances Ross discusses witnessing nanostructure formation

Professor Frances Ross joined the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering this fall after a career of developing techniques that probe materials reactions while they take place. Formerly with the IBM Thomas J. ...

Neutron stars may hold an answer to neutron puzzle on Earth

According to University of Illinois physicist Douglas H. Beck, "Neutrons play some unusual roles in our world. Free neutrons decay in about 900 s but, bound in nuclei, they are stable and make up somewhat more than half the ...