Proteomics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering topics including whole proteome analysis of organisms, protein expression profiling, disease, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotechnological applications, and analysis of cellular systems, organelles and protein complexes. The 2009 impact factor was 4.426.

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Impact factor
4.426 (2009)

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Looking through MudPIT for protein interactions

The instructions of life encoded in our genes are decoded through the translation into mRNA, which then instructs the synthesis of proteins. Because mRNA translation is an essential process, it is carefully coordinated through ...

A decline in gene discoveries

The number of papers reporting new protein-function discoveries in 2017 declined by two-thirds compared with 2000 output, according to research led by A*STAR.

Researchers use proteomics to profile switchgrass

If advanced biofuels are to replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuel on a gallon-for-gallon basis at competitive pricing, we're going to need a new generation of fuel crops - plants designed specifically to serve as feedstocks ...

A trailblazer in top down proteomics

Ljiljana Paša-Tolic, better known as Lili, is EMSL's mass spectroscopy capability lead. With a scientific focus in biology, she is particularly interested in the biological applications of mass spectroscopy technology.