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Researchers solve riddle of plant immune system

How do plants build resilience? An international research team led by the University of Göttingen studied the molecular mechanisms of the plant immune system. They were able to show a connection between a relatively unknown ...

Comprehensive characterization of vascular structure in plants

The leaf vasculature of plants plays a key role in transporting solutes from where they are made—for example from the plant cells driving photosynthesis—to where they are stored or used. Sugars and amino acids are transported ...

Possible explanation for more efficient maize growth

Maize has a significantly higher productivity rate compared with many other crops. The particular leaf anatomy and special form of photosynthesis (referred to as C4) developed during its evolution allow maize to grow considerably ...

Maize outpaces soybeans in fighting off fungal invasions

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a devastating disease that afflicts soybean crops, causing annual losses in U.S. soybean yields in excess of $274 million dollars. New Michigan State University research shows that the trick ...

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