Physical Review A (PRA) provides a dependable resource of worldwide developments in the rapidly evolving areas of atomic, molecular, and optical physics and related fundamental concepts. The journal contains articles on quantum mechanics including quantum information theory, atomic and molecular structure and dynamics, collisions and interactions (including interactions with surfaces and solids), clusters (including fullerenes), atomic and molecular processes in external fields, matter waves (including Bose-Einstein condensation), and optics, both quantum and classical.

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Demonstration of diamond nuclear spin gyroscope

In a new report now published in Science Advances, Andrey Jarmola and an international research team in physics and materials in the U.S. and Germany demonstrated the function of a rotation sensor based on the Nitrogen-14 ...

Tuning transparency and opacity

Making a dark human hair transparent, or even an opaque bar of silicon: this optical "sorcery" is possible by manipulating the incident light. This new phenomenon is called "mutual extinction and transparency." Until now ...

Physicists mix classical light with half a photon on a qubit

A Russian-U.K. research team has proposed a theoretical description for the new effect of quantum wave mixing involving classical and nonclassical states of microwave radiation. This effect, which previously lacked a rigorous ...

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