Oryx-The International Journal of Conservation is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of biodiversity conservation, conservation policy and sustainable use, and the interaction of these subjects with social, economic and political issues. The journal has a particular interest in material that has the potential to improve conservation management and practice, supports the publishing and communication aspirations of conservation researchers and practitioners worldwide and helps build capacity for conservation. Besides articles and short communications, Oryx regularly publishes reviews, forum sections and letters, and every issue includes comprehensive reporting of international conservation news.

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Amazon dolphins at risk from fishing, dams and dredging

Research shows Amazon river dolphins are under threat from fishing and proposed new dams and dredging. Scientists have used satellite tags to track eight dolphins in the Peruvian Amazon, to discover where they went in relation ...

Orangutans: Could 'half-Earth' conservation save the red ape?

Half-Earth is a proposal by the late naturalist and "father of biodiversity", EO Wilson. In its original context, it proposes that half of the Earth's surface should be designated a human-free nature reserve to preserve biodiversity.

Restoring the orangutan in Whole-Earth or Half-Earth contexts

A new study by 33 orangutan experts from around the globe assessed what would happen to Bornean orangutans in the next decade under different management assumptions. The good news is that the researchers predict that if orangutan ...

Satellites reveal Ethiopian elephants under threat, study shows

Tens of thousands of illegal human settlements pose a real threat to the continued existence of an endangered elephant population, according to satellite analysis of the Babile Elephant Sanctuary in eastern Ethiopia by University ...

Picture perfect: Camera traps find endangered dryas monkeys

The endangered dryas monkey (Cercopithecus dryas), endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of Africa's most mysterious primates. The discovery of the dryas monkey killed by a hunter in the buffer zone of Lomami ...

One of Africa's rarest primates protected by... speedbumps

A new study revealed that a drastic reduction of deaths of one of Africa's rarest primates, the Zanzibar red colobus (Piliocolobus kirkii), followed the installation of four speedbumps along a stretch of road where the species ...

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