Nature Synthesis aims to bring together researchers from all areas of chemical and materials synthesis, publishing work based on organic, inorganic, organometallic and materials chemistry as well as interdisciplinary studies at the interfaces between these disciplines.  The journal will be focused on the development of new synthetic methods and approaches, together with the preparation of molecular- or materials-based products that have practical value or that extend our conceptual understanding of chemical or material systems.

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Building the best zeolite

If science and nature were to have a baby, it would surely be the zeolite. This special rock, with its porous structure that traps water inside, also traps atoms and molecules that can cause chemical reactions. That's why ...

Simulations provide map to treasure trove of fluorinated compounds

Computer simulations are most often used as a guide so chemists can more efficiently work out the exact details of a general reaction idea they have in mind—much like a compass helps guide an explorer efficiently to a destination ...

Researchers use ketyl radicals for a new multi-component reaction

A more sustainable use of chemical resources is part of the United Nations' Agenda 2030. Synthetic chemists are therefore working to design and carry out efficient syntheses. Within the synthetic organic chemist's arsenal, ...