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Climate simulation more realistic with artificial intelligence

Accurately modeling extreme precipitation events remains a major challenge for climate models. These models predict how the earth's climate may change over the course of decades and even centuries. To improve them especially ...

Better understanding of cellular metabolism with the help of AI

Metabolism is essential to all living organisms, and modeling the chemical reactions that sustain life is no easy task. Now, EPFL scientists have released REKINDLE, a deep-learning process that is paving the way for more ...

Genomic regulatory map of the zebrafish

Zebrafish and humans look very different on the outside. Yet about 70 percent of their genes are similar to human genes—including many that can trigger diseases. That makes the animal a popular model organism. Many observations ...

Opportunities and limits of AI in climate modeling

Earth system models are the most important tools for quantitatively describing the physical state of Earth, and—for example, in the context of climate models—predicting how it might change in the future under the influence ...

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