Nature Computational Science focuses on the development and use of computational techniques and mathematical models, as well as their application to address complex problems across a range of scientific disciplines. The main goal of the journal is to foster multidisciplinary research and the cross-disciplinary application of new computational techniques.

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Researchers use generative AI to design novel proteins

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed an artificial intelligence system that can create proteins not found in nature using generative diffusion, the same technology behind popular image-creation platforms ...

A crystal shape conundrum is finally solved

A crystal's shape is determined by its inherent chemistry, a characteristic that ultimately determines its final form from the most basic of details. But sometimes the lack of symmetry in a crystal makes the surface energies ...

Evolution of cooperation through cumulative reciprocity

Understanding reciprocal cooperation is a key element to understanding how people work together. Whether it is friends who exchange favors, animals who exchange food or services, or nations that coordinate their policies, ...

Roboticists discover alternative physics

Energy, mass, velocity. These three variables make up Einstein's iconic equation E=MC2. But how did Einstein know about these concepts in the first place? A precursor step to understanding physics is identifying relevant ...

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