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Scientists make methanol at room temperature

A more sustainable method of creating methanol—a key component of fuels, plastics, and medicines—has been developed by Cardiff University scientists and an international team of collaborators.

Hybrid catalyst produces critical fertilizer and cleans wastewater

Agriculture relies on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which is made using energy- and carbon-intensive processes and creates nitrate-containing runoff. Researchers have long sought solutions to reduce emissions from the industry ...

Breakthrough in β-lactam synthesis using nickel catalysts

Led by Director Chang Sukbok, scientists from the Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalizations within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) have made a significant advancement in the synthesis of β-lactam scaffolds, ...

Observing microscopic transformations of electrocatalyst surfaces

Developing technologies that can convert CO2 into synthetic fuels and base chemicals is of key importance for reaching climate goals. The electrochemical reduction of CO2 at copper electrodes using electric power from renewable ...

A 'toolbox of biocatalysts' improves control over free radicals

One of the central challenges for synthetic chemists is to impose control over free radicals. Highly reactive molecules with an unpaired electron, free radicals, may be familiar to you; these are the type of molecules we ...

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