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Enzyme system for the hydrogen industry

An enzyme could make a dream come true for the energy industry: It can efficiently produce hydrogen using electricity and can also generate electricity from hydrogen. The enzyme is protected by embedding it in a polymer. ...

Sustainable chemical synthesis with platinum

Researchers used platinum and aluminum compounds to create a catalyst which enables certain chemical reactions to occur more efficiently than ever before. The catalyst could significantly reduce energy usage in various industrial ...

Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol

Efficient conversion of CO2 is strategically significant for alleviating the energy crisis and achieving the goal of carbon neutrality. One promising conversion route is the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol using a renewable ...

Scientists found new way to synthesize chiral tetraarylmethanes

A group of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have achieved a catalytic asymmetric synthesis of tetraarylmethanes by chiral phosphoric catalysis. With this process, two libraries of structurally ...

Understanding catalytic couplings: not all synergies are simple

Negishi cross-coupling reactions have been widely used to form C-C bonds since the 1970s and are often perceived as the result of two metals, zinc and palladium/nickel, working in synergy. But like all relationships, there ...

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