Launched in January 2017, Nature Biomedical Engineering publishes original research, reviews and commentary of high significance to the biomedical engineering community, including bench scientists interested in devising materials, methods, technologies or therapies to understand or combat disease; engineers designing or optimizing medical devices and procedures; and clinicians leveraging research outputs in biomedical engineering to assess patient health or deliver therapy across a variety of clinical settings and healthcare contexts.


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'Simple yet powerful': Seeing cell secretion like never before

We have recently witnessed the stunning images of distant galaxies revealed by the James Webb telescope, which were previously visible only as blurry spots. Washington University in St. Louis researchers have developed a ...

Cilia-free stem cells offer new path to study rare diseases

A group of rare diseases called "ciliopathies"—polycystic kidney disease notable among them—emerge from defects in cilia, the tiny hair-like structures on the surface of almost every cell type. But the specific molecular-level ...

New system speeds screening of drug-delivering nanoparticles

James Dahlman and Phil Santangelo are helping to define an evolving era in medicine, one in which messenger ribonucleic acid—mRNA—can be delivered directly to cells to fight against disease. And their latest groundbreaking ...

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