Nano Energy is a multidisciplinary, rapid-publication forum of original peer-reviewed contributions on the science and engineering of nanomaterials and nanodevices used in all forms of energy harvesting, conversion, storage, utilization and policy. Through its mixture of articles, reviews, communications, research news, and information on key developments, Nano Energy provides a comprehensive coverage of this exciting and dynamic field which joins nanoscience and nanotechnology with energy science. The journal is relevant to all those who are interested in nanomaterials solutions to the energy problem.

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Using green energy for electrochemical corrosion protection

Metal corrosion seriously affects the service life of marine steel structures. The traditional cathodic protection needs great consumption of energy and metal resources. Therefore, it's imperative to develop green and cost-effective ...

Researchers synthesize graphene using intense light

DGIST Professor Yoonkyu Lee's research team used intense light on the surface of a copper wire to synthesize graphene, thereby increasing the production rate and lowering the production cost of the high-quality transparent-flexible ...

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