Measurement Science and Technology is a journal published by Institute of Physics Publishing. It is an international journal publishing articles in the areas of measurement, instrumentation and sensor technology in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and the environmental life sciences, from inception to commercial exploitation. Its scope includes The journal publishes different article types including Review Articles , Papers, Design Notes and Rapid Communications. The journal also publishes a number of special topical features and issues each year. The journal is published monthly with articles being published online in advance of the printed version. The editor-in-chief is David Birch, a Professor of Photophysics in the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and co-founder of the University s Centre for Molecular Nanometrology and Femtosecond Research Centre (FRC). The journal had an Impact factor of 1.350 for 2010 according to Journal Citation Reports. The Institute of Physics was founded in 1919 and in 1923 the Institute launched the Journal of Scientific Instruments, dealing with methods of measurement and the theory, construction and use of

IOP Publishing
United Kingdom
Measurement Science and Technology (1990–present)
Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments (1968–1989)
Journal of Scientific Instruments (1923–1967)
Impact factor
1.350 (2010)

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