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Does checking your credit score help or hurt?

January is filled with resolutions to start the new year off right, from exercise and diet to financial health. One area that may often be overlooked is checking your credit score, and according to new research, there may ...

Why Twitter should share revenues with soccer players

High-profile social media users, such as actors, popstars or athletes, compete on social media for user attention, that can translate into ticket sales for concerts or movies, a better contract, or lucrative product endorsements. ...

Minimum wage hike boosts customer experience

The ongoing debate over raising the national minimum wage generally focuses on the negative impact it would have on employers, but a new study finds it has a positive effect on a different group: consumers.

Do 'Made in USA' claims make a difference in marketing results?

Pick up any product in just about any store and you're likely to find information that indicates the country of origin of the product. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires this for any imported product, but not ...

Do customer loyalty programs really help sellers make money?

Customer loyalty programs have been around for decades and are used to help businesses, marketers and sellers build a sustainable relationship with their customers. But do they work? A recent study sought to find out and ...

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