This journal brings together a focus on leadership for scholars, consultants, practicing managers, executives and administrators, as well as those numerous university faculty members across the world who teach leadership as a college course. It provides timely publication of leadership research and applications and has a global reach. It also focuses on yearly reviews of a broad range of leadership topics on a rotating basis and emphasizes cutting edge areas through special issues.

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Do masculine leadership titles undermine women's leadership?

Debates about using masculine or gender-neutral words to describe leadership positions, jobs and awards affect nearly all domains of society from business to politics and media. Recently, local politicians have considered ...

Leadership online: Charisma matters most in video communication

Managers need to make a consistent impression in order to motivate and inspire people, and that applies even more to video communication than to other digital channels. That is the result of a study by researchers at Karlsruhe ...

New algorithmic approach predicts strong leaders

Research on leadership has long recognized the importance of understanding how leaders are perceived, and past studies have used a variety of techniques to examine different aspects of leadership. In a new study, researchers ...

Randomly selecting leaders could prove to be a remedy for hubris

While history shows us that power tends to corrupt, a team of Swiss and German researchers have recently examined historical examples of large-scale business fraud and misconduct at the highest-levels of government in order ...

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