the Journal of the American Ceramic Society is a monthly peer reviewed, scientific journal published on behalf of the American Ceramic Society by Wiley-Blackwell. It was established in 1918 and is co-edited by David J. Green, John Halloran, David W. Johnson Jr, and Lisa Klein. Publishing formats included full length original research, communications (rapid publishing), feature articles (invited-in-depth), and review articles (invited). According to WorldCat the journal is alternately identified by Journal and Ceramic Abstracts, or Communications of the American Ceramic Society. Moreover, Journal of the American Ceramic Society supersedes Transactions of the American Ceramic Society and has absorbed Advanced Ceramic Materials. The focus of The Journal of the American Ceramic Society is original research in the discipline of ceramic-materials-science. Broad topical coverage includes microstructure, microscopy, glass science, chemistry of crystals, bioceramic science, colloidal science, and powder processing. Original research topics include fundamental research in the science of ceramics, and ceramic based composites. This journal is indexed in the following databases, among others:

American Ceramic Society and Wiley-Blackwell
United States
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1.944 (2009)

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