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Researchers develop a new method for analyzing rock glaciers

Standing on a rock glacier is what Tyler Meng imagines it would be like to stand on the surface of Mars. The glacier's barren and wrinkled landscape looks like Silly Putty that's drooped under gravity's pull, offering few ...

New tool helps researchers study remote glaciers

As warming atmospheric temperatures lead to glacier thinning and retreat around the world, understanding how glaciers are responding to climate change, algal growth, and impurities like dust and black carbon is vital. Understanding ...

Glacier melting on Kamchatka contributed to sea rise

Scientists have quantified the glacier mass loss on the Kamchatka Peninsula; the accelerated loss in the region since the turn of the millennium is likely to increase in the short term.

Argon found in air of ancient atmosphere

On the massive sheets of ice that stretch across Greenland and Antarctica, the temperature is so low that not even the summer sun can melt the snow deposited onto them. As the snow accumulates without melting and settles ...

Greenland ice sheet may halve in volume by year 3000

As a result of global warming in the 21st century, the Greenland ice sheet may contribute several meters to sea-level rise in the centuries to come; however, effective climate change mitigation measures will greatly reduce ...

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