The Journal of Fish Biology is a leading international, peer-review journal for scientists engaged in all aspects of fish biology. Ranked in 2008 amongst the 100 most influential journals of Biology & Medicine over the last 100 years by the Special Libraries Association - Biomedical and Life Sciences Division (SLA-DBIO), the journal encompasses all aquatic ecosystems: marine, estuarine and fresh water.

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1.834 (2012)

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Scientists find banded sand catsharks hiding inside sea sponges

When scientists on board the research vessel (RV) Investigator pulled a large sponge from the ocean in 2017, they noticed a tail fin poking out. They expected to find an eel had wriggled into the sponge. Instead, they discovered ...

The carbon footprint of a pet fish calculated

Keeping tropical fish as pets could contribute up to 12.4% of the UK's annual average household CO2 emissions and up to 30% of the UK annual average household water usage, a new study finds.

Whale shark observed bottom-feeding for first time

A shark specialist and a life scientist are reporting on video evidence of a whale shark observed bottom-feeding for the first time. Darren Whitehead, Investigación Tiburones México and Joel Gayford, a life scientist at ...

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