The aim of Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB) is to publish papers that advance our understanding of plant biology. Original research should provide new information on fundamental processes or mechanisms including those underpinning the improvement of plants for the sustainable production of food, fuel and renewable materials. When considering if a paper is suitable, consideration will be given to the breadth and significance of the work to the plant science community.

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Figuring out how wild wheat protects itself from insects

Wheat is a staple crop that provides 20% of the world population's caloric and human protein intake. Although wheat is essential for human and livestock diets, these plants are continuously preyed upon by insect herbivores ...

New strategy for iron fortification in rice

Iron (Fe) deficiency has become one of the factors limiting plant quality and productivity around the world. IMA (IRONMAN), a family of small peptides, has been recently reported to play a positive role in the Fe deficiency ...

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