The Journal of Consumer Psychology is devoted to psychological perspectives on the study of the consumer. It publishes articles that contribute both theoretically and empirically to an understanding of psychological processes underlying consumers' thoughts, feelings, decisions, and behaviors.


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The science of picky shoppers

There are hard-to-please customers in almost every industry, with certain people being picky about which clothes, houses and even romantic partners they will consider.

Researcher discusses how social movements succeed

The summer of 2020 was not the first time activists marched in the streets of major U.S. cities, expressing their outrage over high-profile episodes of police brutality and demanding an end to racial inequities. Nor was it ...

The truth about misinformation

In today's fast-paced digital age, information can become outdated rapidly and people must constantly update their memories. But changing our previous understanding of the news we hear or the products we use isn't always ...

The danger of great gift expectations

In the coming months, the pressure to find gifts for loved ones, co-workers and other acquaintances will mount for many people as the holidays approach, and these purchases can add up quickly. Last year, U.S. adults projected ...

The financial benefits of being bilingual

Financial transactions between people who speak different native languages are more common than ever with more than one in five Americans speaking a language other than English at home. But finding a price that buyers and ...

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