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What ancient toilets can teach us about Maya life, and tamales

Ancient toilets and trash pits are like heaven to archaeologists. They might not have the glamor of a gleaming medieval jewel or intricate Roman mosaic, but they brim with clues about the everyday life of bygone civilizations: ...

Pickled fetus found inside ancient Egyptian mummy

A team of researchers working on the Warsaw Mummy Project studying the Egyptian "Mysterious Lady" mummy has determined how a fetus was preserved in her womb for more than 2,000 years. The team discovered the fetus last summer ...

Millet bread and pulse dough from Early Iron Age South India

Prof. Jennifer Bates and her coworkers, Kelly Wilcox Black and Prof. Kathleen Morrison, published a new archaeobotanical article, "Millet Bread and Pulse Dough from Early Iron Age South India: Charred Food Lumps as Culinary ...

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