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A blueprint for life forms on Mars?

The extremely salty, very cold, and almost oxygen-free environment under the permafrost of Lost Hammer Spring in Canada's High Arctic is the one that most closely resembles certain areas on Mars. So, if you want to learn ...

Climate resilient microalgae could help restore coral reefs

Coral species exhibit different temperature tolerances. This is in part due to the composition of their microalgae symbionts. With a new method, researchers from Uppsala University were able to predict how individual microalgae ...

Predatory phytoplankton key to understanding ocean ecosystem

A team of researchers has spent years taming mysterious marine microbes from the open ocean to grow in a lab, to investigate their feeding habits. The group's latest discoveries, led by University of Hawai'i at Mānoa oceanography ...

The secret drivers of tree growth

Most trees live in symbiosis with fungi. ETH Zurich researchers show just how important this partnership is for tree growth through the first-ever comprehensive data analysis compiled for European forests on a massive scale.

Viruses can hitch a ride on bacteria

The interaction of fungi and bacteria in the transport of viruses in the soil ecosystem has been examined by a UFZ research team in a study recently published in The ISME Journal. The scientists showed a novel mechanism of ...

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