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Brain imaging shows what happens when we question fake news

Misinformation on social media may seem like an intractable problem, but a new study from business researchers at The University of Texas at Austin shows that asking a single question can be a powerful weapon against fake ...

New research shows ridesharing services reduce sexual assault

Contrary to portraits painted in popular media, new research involving ridesharing services shows they provide an additional level of protection for potential sexual assault victims, particularly in neighborhoods with inadequate ...

The impact of real-time feedback in employee reviews

To deliver real-time feedback to support employee development and rapid innovation, many companies are replacing formal, review-based performance management with systems that enable frequent and continuous employee evaluation. ...

New research highlights impact of the digital divide

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn new attention to the digital divide, as the need for online schooling and working from home has disproportionately hurt those without computer equipment and skills.

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