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IT peer advice may diminish the management labor pool

It is only natural that when students consider career options, they ask friends, family, and colleagues in their prospective fields for advice. They may hear about job opportunities, wage expectations, career paths, hiring ...

Phone communication spurs a cascading effect on social influence

Social influence from phone communications is significant, reaching as far as four degrees of separation from the original caller, according to a new study from researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, who developed ...

Cheerful chatbots don't necessarily improve customer service

Imagine messaging an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot about a missing package and getting the response that it would be "delighted" to help. Once the bot creates the new order, they say they are "happy" to resolve the ...

Adding a 'decoy option' may give extra boost to crowdfunding

Imagine walking into an ice cream shop and scanning your options. A sugar cone with one scoop is $3. A second scoop comes out to $4, but for just 50 cents more, you can get a large waffle cone with three scoops. Some people ...

Inflation of online ratings can be beneficial and detrimental

Many adults consult online ratings and reviews before they make a purchase. However, how ratings affect sales is a challenging topic as evidenced from controversy surrounding Rotten Tomato scores or sellers trying to manipulate ...

Brain imaging shows what happens when we question fake news

Misinformation on social media may seem like an intractable problem, but a new study from business researchers at The University of Texas at Austin shows that asking a single question can be a powerful weapon against fake ...

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