IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters

The MWCL is one of three archival journals for the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society publishing articles within the society’s field of interest. The Society field of interest and the scope of this journal is Microwave Theory, Techniques and Applications as they relate to components, devices, circuits, biological effects, and systems involving the generation, modulation, demodulation, control, transmission, and detection of microwave signals. This includes scientific, technical, medical and industrial activities. Microwave Theory and Techniques relates to electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 0.2 - 1000 GHz; other spectral regions and wave types are included within the scope of the Society whenever basic microwave theory and techniques can yield useful results. Generally, this occurs in the theory of wave propagation in structures with dimensions comparable to a wavelength, and in the related techniques for analysis and design.

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