The Journal of Heredity (not to be confused with the journal Heredity) is a scientific journal concerned with heredity in a biological sense, i.e. genetics. It was established in 1910 as the American Breeders Magazine of the American Breeder s Association, both of which changed names in 1915 to the Journal of Heredity (volume 5) and the American Genetic Association. The Journal of Heredity is indexed in Science Citation Index, Current Contents/Life Sciences, MEDLINE (Index Medicus), EMBASE, BIOSIS Previews, and Chemical Abstracts Service. The journal publishes articles in the following categories: and, on invitation:

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It matters who your mother is, even for fish

Tilapia has become a top seafood staple on many dinner tables worldwide. New research shows the Tilapia-industry can produce more of the finest cuts by paying closer attention to maternal breeding factors.

Urban butterflies under threat of extinction

According to an EPFL study, butterflies living in urban areas face the threat of consanguinity and potential extinction. The research drew on the fields of genetics and urban development to quantify the trend across an entire ...

'Bickering' flies make evolutionary point

When a male fruit fly gets aggressive, he rears up on his back four legs and batters his foe with his front pair. Neither fly seems particularly damaged by the encounter, but their subsequent actions are telling about the ...

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